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Product development is hard. Give it to the pros.

We take responsibility for building software solutions to help transform your industry or create a new venture. We are doing that by developing products with experts who work directly with you, as your team.


Thinking of going mobile without investing much in development, convert your business website to an android app
    Package includes :
  • Convert website to android app
  • Splashscreen integration
  • .aab file & apk file
  • Delivered within 24hrs
  • $100 only


Get an app that tells people about your services and provides a way to contact you or book for your services
    Package includes :
  • ASO
  • Email Notifications
  • Live Chat Integration
  • Custom Booking System
  • Android App Version
  • Google Play Store Publishing
  • Delivered within 2 weeks
  • No reviews
  • $1935.88 only


Best for businesses and individual that want to automate sales process
    Package includes :
  • iOS App Version
  • User Authentication
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Prototype version
  • In-app ads integration
  • Delivered within 2 weeks
  • 1 reviews
  • Everything in the professional package
  • $6,850.28 only


Best for ecommerce, social, entertainment & other apps
    Package includes :
  • Unlimited app pages
  • Unlimited features
  • UI/UX design
  • 2 reviews
  • Everything in the premium package

Website to an android app

A mobile app will help you showcase your business offerings to the mobile market and receive more qualified leads.


Find out what our clients say about us.

Vertexhub is an outstanding dev company. Their ability to deliver on complex projects on time and budget far surpasses other companies I've worked with..

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

Amazing to work with and excellent set of skills. Would definitely recommend 100/100. There is no alternative for me when I am looking for a mobile development partner.

Nyore Ikomoni


Very happy with the service of the app designed.

Daniel Abioye


Thanks for the website and our booking web app, we appreciate the swiftness too.


Customs Brokerage Agency

Vertexhub delivered on a project for us that most other dev shops said couldn’t be done. They went above and beyond and delivered high quality work. We landed our first investment with the MVP they built. Great partner!

Victor Ekwefi



Some businesses and startups we have worked with

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Both have their benefits and flaws. Mobile apps are surely more expensive but can provide you with many more data collecting, monetisation capabilities than web applications. Progressive Web Apps are a good compromise between a mobile and web app, But remember that sooner or later you may need both mobile and web app and when that moment comes we are here for you :)

  • Well, the most important thing to know is what do you want to accomplish. Why do I need this software? What for? What should it do? Having a clear vision in mind is crucial when ordering a software application. You don't want to spend many months developing it with us without being sure what you need. We'll also be glad to help you get started, building projects from scratch is nothing new for us.

  • If you have an idea contact us by our online form, e-mail or phone. We'll setup an online meeting with you or meet with you in person if possible. Just be sure to prepare as much info about your idea as possible, it will smoothen the meeting and benefit further cooperation.

  • It depends on many things: project scope, time spent on the project and technological issues. We know it sounds vague but its simply honest. Remember that each software project is different, especially if you had a particularly original idea. We do not want to give you an unrealistic estimate, instead we want to provide you with the best quality possible within your budget.

  • Not at all! We want you to be sure you'll receive the product you desire. From the planning stage to each finished version, we invite you to evaluate and improve our work. Our philosophy is to work with the client, not merely finish given tasks. We are always ready to listen and communicate.

  • We evaluate the result after every two weeks, we test our work (we conduct both development and acceptance tests), we present it to you, we apply your feedback so you know you get what you are paying for.

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